Hi. Hello. You can call me Glo. I am a California girl, born and raised in the Bay Area (East Bay to be exact). I am an academically-trained-pastry chef turned client associate for a brokerage firm and I blog sometimes.

I have a wonderful husband and we got in married right at the beginning of the pandemic before everything shut down. We have a wonderful dog named Pepper who is a Formosan Mountain Dog (100%) who we rescued from Taiwan. And we always have a little spunky son who was born during the pandemic.

I enjoy eating great food and I spend a good chunk of my time on Yelp looking for my next favorite place to eat.,, but I tend to eat the same meals because I am a creature of habit.

I love food so much, but we have a love hate relationship as I have Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed back in 2012 and for the most part I’ve been able to keep my symptoms and flares down to a minimum until I had a huge flare up in 2019 that left me hospitalized. So now I’m taking my UC more seriously and trying to “update” my lifestyle so that my UC doesn’t control me! Plus, I am now on a 6-week infusion schedule that pretty much keeps everything at bay (thank goodness!).

I am, also, always planning my next adventure whether it is local, somewhere in the nation, or international. I like to say I have an itch to be a jet setter even though I am terrified of flying. The pandemic definitely did not help my fear of flying… but we’re getting there.

I am also a Disney Annual Pass holder so you’ll see me at Disneyland a lot. It doesn’t help the fact that I am a Disney Authentic and Fantasy pin hoarder. Yeah. I’m a bit crazy when it comes to Disney Pins. You should check it my IG for them: @disneypincessgl0

From xanga to blogspot to tumblr and now WordPress, I’ve tried to blog as much of my life as possible not only to share with others, but to simply have something to remind me of what I’ve done, seen, and accomplished.

These posts will consist of my travels, local adventures, food, my dog, family, friends, and everything else in between. Enjoy! And if anything inspires you, let me know!

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