Makeup Deets // Friendcation.

I've used my Friendcation palette from the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy collection a couple of times but I only used the mattes so today I decided to play with the blue color. Actually, my original thought was to come up with a look using the Huda Beauty Sapphire Palette, but I ended up … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Friendcation.

Makeup Deets

I've been on a green eyeshadow kick lately and ever since I bought the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette, I've been trying to find an excuse to do my makeup (and I feel bad because I am neglecting all of my other palettes). Also, it doesn't help that I am rarely using makeup these days (just … Continue reading Makeup Deets

Makeup Deets // Melt Cosmetics – Gemini Palette.

Have my green palette dreams been answered? Yes !! I mean, I can still go for an Urban Decay Jungle Palette, but I absolutely LOVE the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette !! The pigmentation is amazing! And I feel like the greens in this palette are more wearable than the Huda Beauty Emerald Palette, but that's … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Melt Cosmetics – Gemini Palette.

Makeup // Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette.

I've been wanting a green palette for quite some time now. My girl, Kelsey, and I just want an Urban Decay Naked Jungle Palette already, but until then I'll just buy a shit ton of green makeup. Anyways, here I am playing around with the Urban Decay Born to Run palette. It's such a great … Continue reading Makeup // Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette.

Makeup Deets // Huda Beauty – Amethyst Palette.

I've been buying makeup like crazy the last couple of weeks. Do I need more makeup? Of course not! I am just slightly obsessed and I always tell myself I need another warm toned orange copper palette. So of course, I talked myself into getting the new Huda Beauty Amethyst palette because I don't have … Continue reading Makeup Deets // Huda Beauty – Amethyst Palette.

Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!

We had another early pick up to go to our 2nd excursion, which was at Yaaman! where we had the Dirt Buggy Wet and Wild Tour. Yaaman! was pretty close to our hotel. I recall being in the little bus thing for about 15 minutes or so. We were told to be dressed in clothing that … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!

Jamaica – Day 3 // Chukka River Tubing, Momo’s

We had our first excursion at Chukka: White River Tubing. We were picked up from our hotel and we drove about 30 minutes away. The location was pretty remote and most of the road was narrow that I kept wondering how the big bus behind us was even driving up this thing. Anyways, we all … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 3 // Chukka River Tubing, Momo’s

Jamaica – Day 2 // Margaritaville

For our first full day in Jamaica, we decided to make our way through town towards Margaritaville for some food. We found a guy cutting up some fresh coconuts and adding some alcohol (rum) to the coconut water. Delish! Most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday and everyone was spending time at … Continue reading Jamaica – Day 2 // Margaritaville