Hawaii: Day Two.

Rise and shine, but first coffee. We decided to spend our first full day in Hawaii at the North Shore. We figured Friday would be less busy than the weekend, so we made the 45-minute trek to Haleiwa. Since our car was a convertible, we decided that we should drive with the top down and the wind in our hair.

Our first stop: Ted’s Bakery for some breakfast. They’re also known for their pies, so why not some dessert with breakfast? I had the loco moco (which is rice, topped with hamburger patties, eggs, and gravy) and a chocolate haupia pie.

After Ted’s, we headed down the Kamehameha Hwy towards Waimea Botanical Garden. But first, we stopped and watched the waves at Shark’s Cove.

There was a high-tide warning at North Shore so majority of the beaches and access to the beaches were closed.

So we went to Waimea Botanical Gardens for a short quick hike to Waimea Falls. They have free-roaming peacocks, which by the way are aggressive so they advise you to not approach them.

To go into the Waimea Valley for the short paved hike was $16 for entrance. The hike was 3/4 of a mile long and was fairly easy (since it was all paved). There were slight little hills and stairs to check out some structures and planets, but if you were not up for a “hike” then you can pay $6 for a shuttle ride to the end.


The waterfall had a small watering hole in which you are allowed to swim in (but you need a life jacket that they provide for free to enter the water). We didn’t want to enter the water so we just stopped to watch the people jump in and take a million selfies and headed back out. After we walked back, we decided to go across the Hwy to Waimea Beach Park, which the sand to the beach was open, but the water was only filled with surfers.

After about an hour in the sun, we decided to get some food. Any when you’re in the North Shore, you have to check out Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck! Best Garlic Shrimp on the island… Or ever !! It’s so garlicky and buttery. I ate everything.


The shrimp was delish. Seriously a must-try. After we headed back into town for some Matsumoto Shaved Ice. They changed the store around since the last time I was there. Definitely updated the place and added more buildings. The shaved ice however, wasn’t as good as I remembered. I actually preferred the one from the food truck that we had the night before.

After we are our shaved ice, we headed to the Dole Plantation to pick up some souvenirs. I still haven’t been inside the actual plantation, but I know there’s a huge maze and a train ride, but that’s all I know. We headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner, which was ramen from Ramen Nakamura on Kalakaua Ave.

Then ended the night at Rum Fire.

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