Hawaii: Day Three.

Our day was supposed to start at Hanauma Bay, but that wasn’t going to be the case because when we got there, the parking lot was full. So we headed down Highway 72 in search for the Lava Tube. However, the parking to that was also full. Down the freeway some more we ended up at the Makapu’u Lookout where we found some parking and decided to hike to the Tidepools. The view from the lookout is beautiful. You see a sandy beach to your left and two small islands not too far away. And the day and time we got there, humpback whales were surfacing. It was just very picturesque.


Now, after reading many blogs about the hike to the tide pools, no one really says how difficult the hike is, because it’s pretty tiring. So let’s begin…

We start off by going towards the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail. To get there, you would need to take the Highway. On your right, you will see a free parking lot towards the Ka ‘Iwi Beach Park. This parking lot will relatively get full, so you are able to park on the sides of the street (but following the parking signs as cops frequent the area and will issue tickets or tow your vehicle). If you are unable to park, you may park a little further up the highway at the Makapu’u Lookout’s parking lot. You’ll start by going uphill the paved path. You’ll come across an awesome lookout area with a huge rock that if you’re feel adventurous enough you can stand on it but proceed with caution.


Continue up the hill some more. Once you see the a stop area with an informational placard about Humpback Whales, you’ll see an opening on the left hand side. That’s where you will begin your trail down to the Makapu’u Tidepools. The path down is not a simple path. It is not paved whatsoever. Dirt and rocks are loose, and some areas are big steps down, so be careful!


The hike is down is less than half a mile, but take your time getting down. Once you get down, you’ll be amazed at how far you went.


But once you’re at the bottom, you’ll see the Makapu’u Blowhole to your left.


And the Tidepools in front. The Tidepools vary in size and depth, but one things for sure, the rocks are slippery and some are sharp! So be careful. There are plenty of fish and crabs to look at.


Keep an eye out on the tide. There were several incidents where the tide came into the Tidepools and tossed some people around, and if it’s strong enough, they might pool you into the ocean. When it’s time to leave, try to follow the path you came down and look for some helpful white painted arrows that help guide you. You don’t just want to go straight up because you’ll end up going the wrong way and you’ll have to back track to find the “right” path. Trust me, I couldn’t find the path, went straight up where there was no clear path to walk and at least 30 yards away from where we were supposed to go. Was the hike worth it? For the most part. Would I do it again? Maybe. After we walked back down to our car, we hopped in and made our way to Kailua. There we had the infamous Boots & Kimo.


I ordered the Mr. T’s Mac Waffle, one sunny side up egg, and a side order of spam. The egg and spam is good as always. The macadamia nut cream sauce was amazing. It lived up to the hype. It was sweet but not overbearing. It reminded me of a whipped vanilla ice cream in flavor. Amazing. And I would go back for more! We then drove down to Lanikai Beach, which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The crystal blue water and the white powdery sand is amazing. The water was also a warm temperature. It does get a bit crowded and parking is hard as you would need to find it in the residential area, but you will not be let down.


Once we got back to Waikiki, we got ready to have dinner. We decided to have dinner at Tonkatsu on Beach Walk to see if it was worth the raving reviews. The menu was small, but one thing is for sure, get katsu! I opted for the Curry Loin Katsu.


My meal came with a bowl of curry sauce, rice, pork loin katsu, miso soup, and a cabbage salad. The soup and salad are unlimited. The salad comes with either a Hawaiian vinaigrette or a sesame dressing. Both sauces were good. The curry sauce was DELISH. I ate everything just so I can eat the curry. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to turn down.

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