Hawaii: Day Four.

My nose was sunburned, but that didn’t stop us from going to Ko Olina! We headed towards Ko Olina, which is on the west coast on Oahu, but stopped by Honolulu Kitchen off Ferrington Hwy for some fried manapuas. It’s like a dense beignet and filled with yummy goodness.


I couldn’t make up my mind so I got the 2 Kalua Pig, 2 Crab Cream Cheese Wonton, Curry Chicken, Spicy Pork, Pork Adobo, Honey Chicken, Oreo Butter Bomb, and Coconut. Yes, it was a bit excessive but oh so worth it! We drive to Ko Olina and decided to park at Disney’s Aulani since we wanted to check out the resort. The resort reminded me of a tropical Disney Grand Californian.

Of course we saw Stitch!

We found a spot to relax in the beach part of the resort, which of course had its own man-made cove (which is what Ko Olina is known for). Because of these coves, the tide is much more controlled and calm.


We were at the resort for less than 4 hours and bought some stuff at the gift shop. They will validate your parking for up to 4 hours if you spend $50 or more at the resort (must be on the same receipt). After, we walked around the shops at Ko Olina and headed back to Waikiki. All of us were BURNT. We stayed out in the sun a lot and we ended up being nice and toasty. When we got back into Waikiki we decided to get a Hula Dog at the Food Pantry on Kuhio just for a quick snack.

So how to order a Hula Dog is you first pick what kind of dog you want: Veggie or Polish Sausage. Next the type of bread: White, Wheat, or Taro Bacon. Then you choose what kind of lemon garlic sauce you want: Original No-Heat, Mild Jalapeño, Hot Chili Pepper, and Volcano Hot Habanero. Then the tropical relish: Coconut, Pineapple, Papaya, Star Fruit, Banana, and Mango. Then your mustard: tangy lilikoi or sweet guava. I chose: Polish sausage, white, mild, star fruit, and lilikoi. We ended up getting Korean BBQ for dinner at Gyo-Ku on Lewers. The food was good, but price was a bit much for the quantity they gave us, but the food did its job and made us full. The food we ordered was: Original Bibambap, Garlic Noodles, Spicy Ahi dip, Pork Belly, and Kalbi Beef. And that concluded day 4.

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