Hawaii: Day 6.

The day started off gloomy. Of course, I couldn’t stay in bed past 7am. The other two were still sleeping, so I just went out to our balcony to watch the surfers surf, people claim their spots on the beach and pool chairs by the pool.


As soon as I heard the other girls get up from bed, I started to get ready for the day. Since our only plans consisted of breakfast and going on a plane to get back home, I decided gym clothes since my gym clothes are really my comfy-and-be-lazy-clothes. Good thing my duffle was empty going to Hawaii because for all the cookies and stuff I bought in Hawaii, I needed the extra space. We packed up our luggage into our little convertible buggy and went in search for the musubis to bring back to my cousins. We went to Musubi & Bento Iyasume on Seaside and bought a ton of Bacon, Spam, and Egg Musubi. FYI: this spot is CASH ONLY.


After clearing their shelf of the one kind of musubi I was in search for, we walked over to Heavenly for breakfast. It’s a cool little spot with some indoor and outdoor seating. I ordered the Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict and the Energy Smoothie. Both were very tasty.


Then it was off to the airport for our less-than-4-hour-flight back home. After spending abougt 5 full days in Hawaii, I was kinda glad to be going home. There are some things that I love about Oahu. You can count on good food, that’s for sure. However, it’s always really packed and everything is “touristy” now that it kind of takes the fun out of Hawaii. Now it’s like 10 Honolulu Cookie Companies, 20 ABC Stores, 5 Le Sport Sacs, 3 UGG Stores down a less than 1/2 strip. Of course, I would go back to Oahu to satisfy my food cravings, but I feel like the other islands offer you more of what Hawaii is all about: nature. You’ll get more beautiful and less crowded beaches, hikes, and waterfalls. So next time, Hawaii, I’ll be coming for a different island!

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