I should probably update my blog more often… I am pretty sure I won’t, but it never hurts to try…

Anyways. Let’s go ahead and update y’all. And by y’all, it’s probably just you… I mean… Me. Let’s be honest here. I am the only one that reads this thing…

About 2 weeks ago my doctor changed up my medication and OMG this new change has done WONDERS for me !! I feel so much more, normal? Of course, one of the medications is still messing with my mood swings, but all in all, the symptoms have mellowed down. Now my next goal is to be medication free. I think I have a couple of weeks left!

Next week my little sister is graduating from college. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s been working so hard all these years and now it’s finally here. On top of that, yesterday, the hospital she’s been interning at offered her a job! Seriously I am so proud of her !! She deserves it and more. I mean, when the hospital has to send a student to another hospital to perform a procedure because the licensed person they hired doesn’t know how to do it and the only person that can is a STUDENT, then you know that person will be a valuable employee !! 

In less than a month we leave for Paris !! I am so excited… Mainly to eat! I really hope the weather is nice in both Paris and London. I am still scared about having to pack everything into a backpack. AUGH. Wish me luck.

Anyways. This weekend I think I’ll finally unbox my MannyMUA X Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and swatch em and do a review. Keep an eye out for the post! Plus I just ordered some liquid lippies from ColourPop so I’ll do a swatch and review post on those. Maybe even a Jeffree Star Gemini review? And speaking of Gemini, once I get my Chrisspy X Quay Gemini Rose sunglasses, I will post pics of that !!

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