Couples Q& A

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I saw one of my friends post it on her FB wall, so let’s just go ahead and do this..
Who’s older? Me.

Who was interested first? Definitely me. But I’d like to say we both noticed each other the same time.

Same High school? Nope.

Most sensitive? Me.

Worst temper? Probably me. I’d like to say he is pretty mellow.

Who’s the funniest? Him, for sure.

Who is the loudest? Him. He can’t even whisper.

More social? Him. I hate people. Haha.

Most stubborn? Me.

Wakes up first? Me. I wake up when he goes to sleep.

Bigger Family? Me.. I think.

Eats the most? Him. He’s a garbage disposer.

Cries the most? Me? Yeah.

Said I love you first? Haha.

Better singer? Him. He doesn’t think so, but I think he has a wonderful voice. He even sang to me on our 2nd date.

Better Driver? Him, hands down.

Hogs the remote? Neither. We never watch TV.

Clothes And Shoe Hoarder? Me.

Who spoils who more? He definitely spoils me.
Copy, paste and put in your own answers.

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