I recently got back from 2 weeks in Japan and what an adventure! This was our first extensive trip together and the longest consecutive time we’ve spent together. Definitely a bit nerve wrecking being in a foreign country with your significant other for the first time especially when the relationship is still fairly new. Surprisingly, we did not get sick of each other one bit. In fact, I’ve seen him everyday since we got back. I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping next to him that I find myself not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep now. I mean, we did everything together. Well ALMOST everything. Even during our poops, we’d converse through the walls haha. Or while he read his book I just laid next to him while I was on my phone. It’s wonderful knowing that we have this wonderful bond.

Anyways! Since I have a ton of pictures and memories to share, I thought I’d create blog posts so expect those within the next several days!

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