JR Pass and Pocket WiFi

If you are planning on traveling to Japan anytime soon, I highly recommend getting a JR Pass and a Pocket WiFi because these are basically a lifesaver and made traveling so much easier for us.

What is a JR Pass?
A JR Pass is for foreigners who are traveling to Japan with the status “Temporary Visitor” and it allows the travelers unlimited use of the JR Group Railways-Shinkansen “bullet trains” (some restrictions apply). The JR Pass must be purchased before traveling to Japan. You will receive a voucher, which you will take with you to Japan to exchange for the JR Pass.

How much does a JR Pass cost?
This is from their website:

38,880 YEN
19,440 YEN
29,110 YEN
14,550 YEN
62,950 YEN
31,470 YEN
46,390 YEN
23,190 YEN
81,870 YEN
40,930 YEN
59,350 YEN
29,670 YEN

The difference between the Green and Ordinary is the different train cars you can travel on. Green is like VIP/ First Class, whereas Ordinary is regular cars. I found the JR Pass to be quite cost efficient. For example:
– Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima: Fare is ¥9,710
– Shin-Osaka to Kyoto: Fare is ¥1,420
– Shin-Osaka to Nara: Fare is ¥690
– Shin-Osaka to Tokyo: ¥13,620
Also, the JR Pass was quite helpful in Osaka, as the JR Lines in Osaka are: Osaka Kanjo Line (Osaka Loop Line), Kansai Line, Yumesaki Line, JR Tozai Line, and Kobe/Kyoto Line

Pocket WiFi?
A pocket WiFi is a portable device that provides mobile devices with continuous internet connection. I found this very helpful as it gave us access to the internet 24/7. Our connection was at 4G speed, but I found it to be as fast as my standard LTE. We were able to have access to Google Maps, Google Translate, Yelp, InstaGram, Facebook, etc. everywhere we went. I highly recommend getting a pocket WiFi!

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