Day 1 and 2 – Traveling to Osaka, Japan

My dad dropped us off at SFO and thus started our trip to Osaka, Japan! We got to the airport a little under 2 hours before our flight. Having United Club passes, we tried to get in, but the club was full, so we walked the terminal to get something to eat before our dreaded 12 hour flight to Osaka.

Waiting to board the plane at the gate in SFO

After much anticipation, we were finally aboard our United 787 Dreamliner. I know, United… but honestly, they’ve always been such a pleasure to fly. I’ve never experienced any problems. Yes, I’ve ran into not-so-nice flight attendants, but that’s happened on the various airlines I do travel with. Anyways, we sat in Economy Plus (that extra leg room is so nice to have). The man sitting next to me moved to the row behind us so we had our own row which was quite nice.

Within 30 minutes after take-off, we were offered complimentary wine or beer. Of course, we get a glass of red and ask for a screwdriver, as well. 

When the flight attendant brought us our screwdrivers, she asked if we were “non-rev” (standby passengers, which we were) and gave us the drinks for free… SCORE! Also, maybe it’s because T and I are quite affectionate towards each other that the flight-attendants on our flight thought we were on our honeymoney because they gave us every other alcoholic beverage we asked for after for free. We drank so much (actually T basically drank enough for the both of us), the flight attendants just told us to head over to the back of plane if we wanted more to drink and we can get it from there haha

After we were served lunch, they dimmed the cabin lights so that people could sleep. T and I played some trivia games, watched some movies, and drank. I got about 2 hours of sleep in, whereas T didn’t sleep. He was too anxious.

An hour and a half before landing, we were offered breakfast. Nothing special really. The landing was pretty smooth into Osaka considering it was slightly raining. As soon as we got off the plane, we were routed towards immigration. Immigration took a bit longer than expected. We were in line and out of immigration in about 45-60 minutes. After getting out of immigration, we went and got our luggage and then were on the search for our Pocket WiFi. I booked our Pocket WiFi when I bought our JR Pass. (For more information, read my post on the JR Pass and Pocket WiFi here). We seriously got lost at the Kansai Airport (KIX) trying to find “Ninja WiFi,” but finally, we found it near this Pokemon center. After finally connection to our WiFi, we were off to the Kansai train station to get our JR Pass and finally head into Osaka!

We fell in line at the train station for the JR Pass, which took about 30 minutes. The very nice lady helping us even reserved us seats on the train from the airport to Shin-Osaka. We made our way to the train platform and waited for our train to arrive. The seats were quite comfortable (much nicer than BART or NY Subway). The train ride was less than an hour. I stayed awake and enjoyed the scenery as we passed through the “countryside” of Osaka,  while T slept since he didn’t sleep on the plane. Finally arriving at Shin-Osaka, and making our way off the train, I found myself at 7-11 getting a couple of onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) and water. We got lost trying to get out of the train station and on our way to our hotel. After walking around aimlessly, we found our route and made the short walk through the train station, across a pedestrian bridge, and into the Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station! We checked in and made our way into our home in Osaka for the next 4 nights and got settled in before we ventured off for some food.

Standard King Room at Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station

We decided to head back into Shin-Osaka station to find something to eat since there were plenty of places to eat. We decided on sushi since it was light and quick. T didn’t realize that the green powder at the table was not for wasabi, but was actually matcha green tea! The sushi chef caught him putting some on his sushi and had to call a server over to help us. Needless to say, we were so lost! We had a couple of nigiri, paid for our first official meal in Japan, and headed back to the hotel for much needed sleep.

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