Day 10 – Tokyo Disney Sea

Before I even left for Japan, I’ve had multiple people tell me that I needed to go to Tokyo Disney Sea. Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I was easily convinced. That morning I woke up early to get ready. Once I was done getting ready, I woke up T for him to get up and get ready. Being that he had a pair of Captain America board shorts and we were heading to Disney, he thought it would be fitting since, you know, Marvel and Disney go hand-in-hand. I’ll get more into that later.

Anyways, we started our day at the breakfast buffet. Plus, Disney food gets expensive, so we decided to eat as much beforehand. After, we took the Hibiya Line towards Takenotsuka from the Ginza Station and got off at the Hatchobori Station. From there, we had a short walk to the JR Lines at the Hatchobori Station where we got on the JR Keiyo Line towards Kaihin-Makuhari and got to the Maihama Station. Instead of following everyone else towards the Resort Gateway Station, I took us down the shops, until I realized I was going the wrong way and we walked back to the Resort Gateway Station. There we used the rail system to get to Disney Tokyo Sea Station. We got off the train and made our way to the ticket booth. The tickets were ¥7,400 per person.

When you first enter the gates of Tokyo Disney Sea, you are greeted by a whole globe fountain thing in the Disney Sea Plaza.

Never found out the reason for it. The first “Port of Call” was the Mediterranean Harbor (here’s a map of Tokyo Disney Sea for reference). The “Fashionable Easter” show was going on in the water.

While everyone was watching the performance, we walked towards the left and found ourselves in the American Waterfront, where they have the Toyville Trolley Park, which held Toy Story Mania. The wait time for the ride was showing at 90 minutes, since we were going to go to Disneyland in June, so we decided to skip it.

We continued onto Port Discovery and rode Aquatopia.

You’re in this watercraft thing that is basically on a track and the craft just follows the track where you can encounter some spins and turns, but nothing crazy. Afterwards, we made our way to Lost River Delta and got Fast Passes to Indiana Jones since it’s my favorite ride at Disneyland and we were not going to wait 80 minutes for it.

Since we had 3 hours to kill, we made our way to the Arabian Coast and rode Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage. Imagine the Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure’s but as a Sindbad theme. The animatronics was pretty neat. The movements of the characters were pretty good. I don’t remember what happened in the movie, so I was a bit lost during the ride and all the songs and dialogue was in Japanese, so I didn’t understand anything.

After the ride, we made our way through the Mermaid Lagoon, into Mysterious Island, and into Nautilus Galley where we both had “frozen” Kirin and a gyoza dog to share. The “frozen” Kirin is Kirin beer and they made the foam (or head) of the beer frozen. It’s like an airy icy/slushy consistency. It’s weird, but it keeps my beer nice and cold, but we preferred regular beer. The gyoza dog is like the inside of a gyoza (pork, cabbage, garlic/chives, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil) stuffed into a steam bun the size of a hot dog. It was pretty tasty. We sat around for a bit just enjoying our beers.

Then we made our way towards Indiana Jones thinking it was our time to ride the ride; however, we still had one more hour. We explored the Mermaid Lagoon and it was pretty neat inside. They did a really great job when it came to decorating and details.

After, we went to Zambini Brother’s Ristorante in Mediterranean Harbor and got ourselves a glass of wine (to chug) and a beer (to sip).

We sat outside and enjoyed our drinks until it was finally time to get in line for Indiana Jones.  Indiana Jones in Tokyo is just like the Indiana Jones in Anaheim. I will say, the ride is a bit smoother and newer so the design/ graphics was nicer, but the ride itself was exactly like the one in Anaheim with the addition of a photo op when avoiding the boulder. After the ride, we grab fast passes to Raging Spirits before heading to wait in line for Journey to the Center of the Earth.

The line for Journey was 50 minutes long. Honestly, waiting in line wasn’t too bad because T and I can keep ourselves entertained. Plus, he makes friends almost everywhere he goes. He was so excited when he heard the people in front of us speak English because we did not run into a lot of English speaking people. Finally, when it was our turn to ride Journey, we got to sit in the front. The ride starts off like any other ride, slow and kind of like a storybook mode. Then all of a sudden we’re “launched” towards the “center of the Earth” and then the ride was over. We were SO DISAPPOINTED that we waited an hour for the ride and that was all that happened. After the whack ride, we walked over to Raging Spirits and hoped for the best.

The ride was somewhat fun, but it was actually slower than expected. After the ride, we walked over to the SS Columbia located at the American Waterfront. We basically did an impromptu photo shoot on the deck, which I think turned out amazing!

After we got off the ship, we went to the Mediterranean Sea and looked at the Venetian Gondolas.

We finally had enough of Disney and decided to head back to Ginza. It was definitely a long day and traveling back to Ginza seemed to take forever.

Once we made our way back to the hotel, we decided to change out of our Disney clothes (aka T’s Captain America shorts that people didn’t seem to appreciate) and head over to Torigin Honten for more yakitori!

This time we ordered sake and beer, chicken skin, chicken & leeks, chicken meatballs, chicken gizzards, chicken breast, and chicken & shishito peppers. Again, Torigin came through and did not disappoint! After dinner we stopped by the liquor store before heading to our hotel and bought a large bottle of this creamy sake. Let me say, NEVER AGAIN! We got completely trashed and I got sick that night.

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