After our core workout today, we decided to get some food. Originally we were going to go to Taco Bell, but instead we made our way to Whole Foods just to be disappointed in their selection. T brought up Panera, so we hopped back into the Z and made our way to Panera. I noticed that a new Poke spot opened up next door, so I wanted to check out the menu. T’s never had poke before so we decided to give it a go.

We both got a regular bowl ($10.95/ 3 scoops of protein). Just like any other poke bowl spot, you start off with a base; add your protein; then your sauces; and finally toppings. I ended up with: wild black rice as my base; salmon, octopus, and spicy tuna as my proteins; house sauce and spicy sauce; and onions, cucumbers, corn, edamame, masago, wasabi, ginger, furikaki,  and fried/crispy noodles. Overall, I enjoyed my bowl. I think they could’ve loaded the bowls up more, but then again I was full and I didn’t finish my bowl. I’ve definitely had better, but I’d choose this place over SunFish in AutoMall for sure.

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