Red, White, & Brew.

Yesterday was 4th of July. We spent our first part of the holiday at T’s friend/coworker’s spot. They were literally down the street from my apartment, so it wasn’t too far of a drive. We got there pretty early and stayed for a good hour(?) until we had to go to T’s family party. Of course, there was a old size crowd of 30 people mingling in his backyard when we got there. They had a great set-up: cornhole on one side of the house; the dog on the other side; a whiskey/bourbon/ cigar section by the BBQ; the fire pit on the deck; the pool; tiki bar; tiki hut; and some tables on the lawn. I love parties at their house! There’s so many people, awesome food, a lot of drinks, and just a great vibe! Met some of T’s friends and such wonderful people. Found out they just moved in down the street from me, too! After his family party, we went back to his friend’s and lit some fireworks and T drank some more and then took a Lyft home. Overall, 4th of July was fun. It was a long day, but spent with great people. 

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