Alameda County Fair.

I haven’t been to the fair in years. Like damn near 5 years or so. I always wanted to go to get a corn dog haha. Anyways, T’s family planned on going on Thursday, so we decided to go, too. Plus, his family teased him during 4th of July when I said we haven’t gone to the fair yet. Also, his family had extra tickets to the fair + tickets to see the Journey coverband concert.

T picked me up and we were on our way to the fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Of course, this started the debate on how to pronounce “Bernal.” Is it BURR-null or BURR-nahl? I found two different websites that claimed one over the other. Are we both right?

Anyways, as soon as we got to the fairgrounds, holy hell was it hot. I didn’t like the heat. My pants were pretty much sticking to my legs. Our first stop was the small animal hall thing, where we looked at bunnies and chickens and other small animals/livestock. Of course, being in the hall for a while was too much for T and his allergies so we were off to find a bathroom for him to wash his hands and face and blow his nose. Then, we got a corn dog!

The corn dog was OK. Just like any other corndog to be honest. After the corn dog we did more aimless walking and ending up getting lobster fries. 

The lobster fries were ok. They weren’t bad, but then again, they weren’t delish where I need to go back for them. The fries could’ve been crispier and the aioli could’ve used more flavor. While having our fries, we saw T’s mom and sister and gave them their tickets for the concert. Then we went to find something to drink (since the water fountains were spewing out this cloudy water.. gross) and got lemonade and headed to the concert.

We met up with his sister, mother, father, brother, and nephew. We had some pretty good seats, too. So the concert itself was OK. They played a lot of songs we didn’t know, and then finally they got into the good stuff. The lead singer was very… interesting. His choice in clothing was odd. He wore what appeared to be a woman’s leopard print shirt, tight pants, and a very bad black wig. Overall, my time at the fair was great just because I love spending time with T and his family. They are just wonderful and fun people. I literally spent this week with them and I enjoyed every bit of it. Now with that said, would I go back to the fair? Meh. Naw. It’s hot. The fairgrounds is super big. The rides are all sketch. The games are a ripoff and some of the game attendants were rude AF. And the food is pretty expensive. We ended up leaving around 10 and went to a Korean spot in Newark and pigged out on pork belly lettuce wraps and bulgogi. Nomz. I love Korean food. Spent the rest of our night being full, laying in bed, and talking. 

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