Gym, Juice, and Shuffle Board.

We’re really trying to stick to this gym thing since we only have a mere couple of weeks until vacay. I think we hibernated too much because we are definitely not beach body ready haha With that said, we went to the gym yet again. Today was leg day for me (which I absolutely love). T worked out his chest and arms. After working out a sweat and my legs were shaky and he could no longer push himself up, we decided to grab some drinks at Jamba Juice. I don’t know why I suggested we walk, but we did exactly that. We walked to Jamba haha. I ordered the Tropical Green juice and he opted for the Berry Protein Workout shake. I think that’s what it’s called… but I could be completely wrong (I am pretty sure I am wrong). After, we walked back towards home and decided to play some shuffle board in the clubhouse. We played two games: T won the first round and I won the second. After we sat on the couch and just chatted. We were both exhausted and it was time to head on back home. 

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