D23 Expo 2017 – What I Learned Waiting in Line…

We’re here in Anaheim for the D23 Expo (the Disney Convention). It’s our first time doing this convention so we really don’t know what to expect and there’s not that many blogs, etc. that gives us info. We decided to swing by the convention center to check out the line around 3pm and we saw a line, so we went back to our hotel to grab our stuff and went to the convention to line up for tomorrow. Basically, we were in line for 8 hours.

Anyways, they condensed the line at 8pm. They told everyone that had chairs that they needed to get rid of their chairs (meaning bring them to your car or hotel or trash them). However, around 8:45ish, we learned just as long as the chairs are foldable and can be carried in with a bag, then they were allowed into the overnight line. Bummer for everyone that returned their chairs. Anyways, we finally got inside the convention center around 9:30. We had our bags searched and went through metal detectors. We also picked up an expo reusable tote, standard black lanyard for our passes, an Expo schedule, and a souvenir guide.

We walked down to the “overnight hall” where they divided the lines into two lines: D23 Hall or Merchandise/Autographs. And the line for the D23 Hall breaks up into two lines: General Public and Gold D23 Members (Gold Members are allowed one extra guest with them to line up). But get this: the line for the D23 Hall is ONLY for the 1st Panel of the day. Meaning, they won’t start a line for the next panel until everyone that wants to see the 1st panel is inside. Also, after each panel, they clear out the room so if you wanted to see the next panel, you would have to exit the hall and fall back in line. WHAT !?! As a dedicated San Diego Comic Con Hall H participant this concept completely blows my mind! Anyways, we were basically in line to see the Animated/Pixar Panel scheduled for 2:30pm on Friday, but since they won’t start that line until about 10am on Friday, We decided maybe we should line up for Merchandise/ Autographs. There we found ourselves in very tight lines. Basically the lines were about 2 feet wide. Not much space (unlike under the tents for Hall H). The ground was hard and cold concrete. The room itself was a bit chilly, but nothing too bad. The room was filled with bright fluorescent lights and. Had some TVs playing Moana (at that time). There were several charging stations, as well as a concession stand that sold coffee and snacks. After much debate we decided to leave the line and go back to our hotel. We really didn’t need merch and the autograph signing that we wanted (Black Panther) was at the same time as the Animation/ Pixar Panel. Anyways, we heard our hotel room and bed calling our name and decided to retreat back. Now we know and we’ll be back tomorrow more prepared!

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