D23 Expo Overnight Hall.

Let me start off by saying that I’d rather camp out for D23 than stay in the overnight hall for D23. When we first walked in, they had the TVs playing Zootopia on full blast. The volume was so loud that if anyone was trying to sleep, you really couldn’t. Anyways, just like yesterday we were separated into two sections: Merchandise/ Autographs and 1st panel of the day. Day 2’s first panel is Live Action movies (Marvel, Lucas Films, and all other live-action movies). So of course we decided to do that. Being that my sister is a Gold D23 Member, we have priority seating. We were funneled into the section we wanted to sit in and then were told to make ourselves comfortable. We were given two wristbands: one to indicate that we’re part of the Gold Members and one for our section. The lines are about 3ft wide. We laid out our blankets and immediately I felt the coldness of the hard cement floor. With the AC going on, there was no way to escape the cold unless you were smart and brought stuff to bundle up with. Being that they seemed strict about Ins and Outs of the overnight line, we didn’t want to take the risk and decided to just bring our blanket. Now we know that next D23, we will bring our actual sleeping bags and dress warmer. Anyways, the room just seemed to get colder as the night progressed. The fluorescent lights were no help, as well. And since the sleeping conditions weren’t that great not a lot of people were sleeping making the noise level pretty loud (they did lower the volume of the movie though). So with that all said, I would choose Hall H line over this line. Would I do it again? Yes, but I’ll come more prepared. This panel better be worth it!

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