Saturday Hall H Line.

Yesterday’s Hall H line formation for Saturday’a panel was a clusterfuck to be completely honest. About half an hour before they started to do Friday’s wristbands, they announced the official Saturday Hall H line. When my sister went to get in line there was probably about 200 people (or less) in front of her. Anyways, when they started to move the line to our “final resting spot” it just turned into this huge mess. Basically the 200 people in front of us turned into 600. A bunch of people cut the line and it’s tragic that the people that “let” them cut didn’t shame them! Hall H people, become friends with the people around you! We’re all in this together! Don’t let people take advantage of the fact that many of us are camping out. We are sitting here hours on end. So for people to just cut is NOT OK. And now that I am looking at the line in front of me, the 600 has nearly doubled. Horrible.

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