Day 1: Cancun, Mexico

We flew out of SFO to Cancun on a red eye flight. Unfortunately, the flight there we did not get much sleep so as soon as we arrived in Cancun, we were all zombies. We were picked up by a driver and headed to The Grand at The Moon Palace resort.

After we got our wristbands (our resort is an All-Inclusive Resort) we went straight to the lobby bar and got a few drinks while waiting for our table to be ready at the buffet.

After lunch, we decided to look for the pool. The pools were pretty far from the lobby that we ended up bumming a ride from one of the golf cart trams. When we got to the pool area, the view of the beach was just amazing.

Finally after 3pm we were given the keys to our room! T and I got the 2nd room of the Presidential Suite that we shared with his parents and little brother. A & I got their own room in the same building.

Our view from our balcony was pretty nice. We got a partial ocean view along with the view of one of the pools.

We had dinner reservations later that night at Jade, the Asian Fusion restaurant, so we were able to take a cart to the lobby

The restaurant was very nice inside; however, portions were definitely “fine dining” sizes so that didn’t help the fact that we were all starving. Also, the wait for food was kind of ridiculous. We spent almost 2 hours at the restaurant and some of us left pretty hungry still. After dinner we made our way to the little arcade area and did bumper cars and played some games.

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