Day 2: Swimming with Danny the Dolphin

Our 2nd day in Cancun consisted of sleeping in and having the chance to swim with a dolphin! Before we left, T and I stayed in the room and watched B while his parents took a tour of the new resort. After their meeting, we took a chartered bus from the resort to where we were going to swim with a dolphin.

Danny the Dolphin was the absolute cutest! And so smart 🙂 T and I commented on how we thought it was cute how Danny would always close his eyes during the photos.

After we got out of the tank and took showers to rinse off the water, we found a closed swing bar and decided to take pictures. Then we all boarded the bus for our ride back. When we got back to the room, we made our way to the pool to hangout before we went to dinner.

Dinner was at Los Tacos and the tacos were pretty awesome! Since it was next to the pool, we had a fun little impromptu “photo session” and then headed to the lobby for more drinks before heading back to the room where we played a couple of hands of rummy and called it a night. Well T and I decided to have a bubble bath and then we called it a night.

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