Day 3: Xcaret


Day 3 started off by us waking up super early and having room service breakfast. We got a lot of bacon and sausages which was pretty nice. Also, we had to pack up all our stuff because we were moving hotels. We started our trip at The Grand, but decided to move over to Sunrise just because service there was better there, nicer vibe, and the pool was nicer. T’s dad wasn’t feeling all that well, so he sat our adventure to Xcaret out. When it was time to head out of Xcaret, we rented a van and T drove us to Xcaret.

When we got to Xcaret, we had lunch at a Mexican buffet and the food was pretty bomb. T’s family wanted to do the river (where you put on a life jacket and basically swim in a river from one side of the park to the end). T and I decided to walk throughout the park because there was so much to do and see, plus I really wanted to check out the aquarium because I’m a sucker for aquariums. My favorite exhibit throughout Xcaret was the Turtle Habitat. I thought the turtles had such an open area, and there were no barriers in the walkway, which just made everything so much nicer. I have to say, Xcaret gives their guests a lot of trust.

Anyways, the day was long and hot at Xcaret. The heat and humidity was not my favorite, but we spent our 4.5 hours there wisely. Then we headed back to the resort to get ready for dinner: Brazilian Steak! The restaurant was at Nizuc, which is the property next door. The food was great, service was amazing. We ended the day evening with coffee, which was presented with a mini show.

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