Day 4: Spa Day

So Day 4 of our Mexico trip was our Spa Day. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos at the spa. Our night was very sleepless. Both T and I woke up from nightmares. I actually woke up crying. Probably one of the worst dreams I ever had. But that’s a different story and I don’t want to get into detail. Basically I had a dream about my sister and it was just hellish.

ANYWAYS! Our morning was sort of rushed. T’s parents had this massages first so they left, which meant they left B with us. We got ready and then headed to The Grand so that we could get B some food and then we could head over to the spa. We stopped by the buffet so B could eat and we could have some coffee. After he had his breakfast, we walked downstairs to the spa to check in and leave B in the spa’s lobby with his iPad so that once his parents were done, they could get him.

T and I checked in with the receptionist and then we were on our way to our respective side. When I first got into the spa, I was given a locker and “spa shoes.” I changed into my swimsuit, got into my robe and “spa shoes,” and met my spa host. She first recommended the sauna for 10 minutes. She laid out a towel for me to lay on on a bench, then placed cucumbers on my eyes. After 10 minutes, she came back to retrieve me and bring me into the ice room. I thought the ice room was pretty neat. She handed me a little plate with some aloe vera (which smelled AMAZING) and had me put it to the side. Then she handed me two hand-fulls of crushed ice. She told me to run the ice all over my body and then rub the aloe vera after. She said she would get me in 5 minutes. At first I thought “how could ice make me feel relaxed?” but i swear it was probably my favorite part of the spa’s amenities! The aloe vera smelled so great, and the ice was so soothing. After the ice room for 5 minutes, I went onto a warming chair to lay on for 15 minutes with a warm wet towel on my eyes and warming towels on my body. The chair was so warm that I almost fell asleep. After, I was led to the steam room. But before I went in, my host gave me a clay mask to apply on my face. The steam room was dark and there were twinkly lights on the ceiling to mimic the night sky. The steam room smelled like eucalyptus, and I loved it. After 10 minutes in the steam room, I was ushered into a warm rainfall shower for 5 minutes and then 5 minutes into a cold-then-warm jetted shower. After my showers, my host led me to the coed pool. She explained to me that one end of the pool is cold, the other end was hot. In the middle was a warm pool with pressure jets and waterfalls that you could stand under and have it massage your back. I met up with T and it was nice to catch up before our 60 minute aromatherapy massages. I was in the pool for about 10 minutes when my host brought me into the “relaxation room” where my masseuse would retrieve me. The relaxation room was dimly lit with soothing music playing and candles lit everywhere. Then my masseuse found me and I was off to my massage.

My massage started with me picking a scent. My options were lavender and citrus… of course I picked citrus (T picked lavender for his). Anyways, I first had my feet washed and rubbed. Then came the 60 minutes of relaxation. This was my first massage where I didn’t feel like I was getting tickled the whole time. If you know me, you would know I am EXTREMELY ticklish. It’s not even funny. And to top it off, I HATE BEING TICKLED. But no. She applied the right amount of pressure that I was so relaxed that it got to the point where I was snoring while awake. I was pretty bummed when my massage was over.

After my massage, I met up with T in the lobby and we headed back to our room with his dad and B. When we got to the room, we met up with his mom. All of us walked over to the pool where we spent the next 4 hours throwing around a football, drinking at the swim-up bar, and chit-chatting. Then it was time to head back to the room, shower, and get ready for dinner.

T and I met up with his parents and B at the steakhouse at The Grand. We were a little late to dinner. The first was great, but the food still took forever to come out (something we noticed with all sit down restaurants at The Grand). We all ordered ribeyes, which were OK. They didn’t give us steak knives, which made it difficult to cut our meat. After dinner, we went and got ice cream and chocolates before heading back to our room where we knocked out.

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