Day 6: ATV, Ziplining, and Cave Swimming


We did this Mayan jungle ATV/ Zip line tour which was a ton of fun, but with one drawback… the mosquitoes! So early in the morning, we were picked up to be driven about 45 minutes out. We were told that because the villagers get their water supply from the cenote (natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath) and cave, we cannot have any sunblock or bug spray. Anyways, we started off getting on ATVs. T drove me around which was nice. HOWEVER. This guy would purposefully slow down just to speed back up. We took the ATVs to the cenote which we were given about 20 minutes to swim around. They had a zipline that you could take to get into the water or you can jump off the platform. The zipline was a ton of fun and the water was refreshing and crystal clear. After, T and I decided to jump in. I straight up panicked cause I went in deeper than I thought I would and I am not the best swimmer. Thank goodness T is a swimmer (fun fact, he was on the swim team and played water polo and taught swimming when he was a bit younger). Anyways, after the cenote, we took the ATVs back to have lunch. Lunch was very tasty and their apple juice was delish! After, we did zip lining. There were 3 different zip lines and I’m not going to lie, i freaked out. climbing up the wooden steps just scared me lol. On the second zip line, I was holding my camera to film it and when I hit the breaks the force caused my camera to come flying out of my hands and smacked me on the forehead. Yup. Gave myself a bump, bruise, and a small cut. Anyways, the zip line was a ton of fun. After, we got to go into a swim hole in a cave. That scared me. I didn’t like it at all. There were lights inside the cave, but there were some parts that it was super dark and you couldn’t see the bottom. Everyone was snorkeling and I just had my life jacket and held onto T as he swam around. Yeah me in water (especially water that I cant see the bottom and I know there’s other things swimming with me) freaks me the EFF out. Anyways, after the cave, we made our way back to the resort. The whole experience was so much fun and our guides were great and funny people. I would definitely go back and encourage people to go check them out, but I need to figure out some natural bug repellents because I serious was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I left with over 40 bites.

When we got back to the resort, T and I took showers and ordered some room service. Then we ate a light meal before our dinner reservations at the Teppanyaki place. Dinner was very yummy and quite filling. We all knocked out after dinner.

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