Dinner Date Night.

The last couple of nights babe and I have been eating at home, which is always a nice alternative. We get to be home and in our comfy clothes while I get to try out some new recipes. Last night it was steaks and taters!

I got 2 16oz Boneless Ribeyes at Whole Foods and seasoned them with some ground black pepper and pink Himalayan salt. Then I left the steaks rest to bring them closer to room temperature while the oven was preheating at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The steaks were place on a rack that was them placed on top of roasting pan to catch any drippings. Then I put in a digital internal thermometer so that I would know once the steaks reached an internal temperature of 125. While that was going, I had Organic Rainbow Gem Fingerling Potatoes (bag bought at Whole Foods) boiling in a pot for 18 minutes. The steaks were done after about 40 minutes. I removed the steaks and let them rest, and changed the temperature of the oven to 375. I got the boiled potatoes and placed them in a greased baking sheet and smashed each potato with the bottom of a clean cup. I melted butter and mixed in minced garlic and spread that using a basting brush over the potatoes. Then I sprinkled on some salt and popped them into the oven for 25 minutes. After the steaks were rested (about 10 minutes), I heated up my skillet and added 3 tablespoons of butter and 2 sprigs of rosemary. Then I added my steaks and seared both sides for about 4 minutes each and the sides about a minute each. We paired the steaks and potatoes with a glass of Ca Momi and had ourselves a feast!

After dinner we sat on the couch and played around with some snapchat filters. Then we watched Baby Driver. It was pretty interesting. Some parts were pretty dope (the driving scenes were nice and the soundtrack was great) and some things were just meh… It kind of dragged. And some things you’re kind of like WTF. But overall we enjoyed it. After the movie, we walked Pookie and called it a night.

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