Museum of Ice Cream SF

Yesterday we got to check out the Museum of Ice Cream. Last minute, we drove to SF (instead of taking BART) and got to SF. We walked around for a bit and got a couple of drinks to pass the time before our 12:30p time slot. P was running late, but she was able to catch up with us inside.

When you first get into the museum you’re grouped with about 10 people and you head downstairs where you find a bunch of Ice Cream facts. Then we go to the Ice Cream vault. Since the building used to be a bank, they have a vault and decked it out with pink paint. T asked if they could open the vault and the girl was like “I only let people that ask open the vault… Try to turn the wheel” *T tries but fails* “Oh, it’s probably open already, give it a pull” *Vault doesn’t budge* “Yeah, it doesn’t open”


Then we moved on to the 1st “exhibit” where there’s a ring toss game. If you get multiple rings on the whipped cream cans, then you get a ticket that you can redeem for a prize. I have no idea what the prize is because I totally bombed that game.


The next room was where they gave us our first ice cream, which was a scoop from Salt & Straw. I don’t remember exactly what I got, but it was delicious! Also inside the room was a neat jukebox.


The next room had white magnetic walls with pink letter magnets. Someone put together something for the North Bay wild fires, which was nice. They also gave us mochi ice cream. We got to choose between chocolate, strawberry, and cookies and cream.


After the mochi, we were given cherry flavored cotton candy that had a light dusting of edible glitter. And then we went into the “cherry room”


The next room was the gummy bear room. If someone hated the color pink, then they for sure would’ve hated this Pop-Up Museum, because it was seriously an overload of pink. Got kind of upset with the group in front of us because they did not keep their child in check and clearly we were taking pictures and the kid would just wander into the shots and they wouldn’t apologize or try to get him out of the way. Basically, this was the only picture from this room that he wasn’t in.


The push-up pop room had us acting all kinds of inappropriate.


The next room had these lights and prisms to make rainbows on the wall. Then we were given vanilla soft serve ice cream with pink chocolate dipped cones before we were given the chance to take pictures with the unicorn. Note: Do Not Touch the Unicorn’s horn. Again, the kid was getting in all the shots, so here are the 3 that didn’t have much interruptions.


Then there was the small room with the mirror tiles. T didn’t know it was a short room so he ended up hitting his head on the ceiling. We were able to take a few pictures, before the kids came in and got in all our pictures.


After we got out of that room, there was a “rock climbing” wall which I immediately got on. I’ve missed rock climbing. I haven’t been in years and I find it kind of funny considering that T works at a place that has rock climbing.


After rock climbing, they had this room that was probably based off pop rocks. Well when you first enter, a person does give you a pack of pop rocks and you can take pictures on something that reminds me of an enlarged pop rock, however, the group of 8 in front of us was straight up having a photoshoot on said rock so we skipped ahead and waited for the Sprinkles Pool.

The sprinkle pool is like a pool of germs to be quite honest, but in the moment I did not see it as that because I dove right into the jimmies. And seriously, it was hard to move around in it. My feet just sank in a good 8 inches into the jimmies. There were sprinkles all up in my pants and socks.

We were nearing the end of the Museum of Ice Cream. All that was left was the swings. The first swing was an individual swing that had decorations of bananas.

Apparently I do not know how to properly swing on swings. T, on the other hand, tends to pose like this on swings. Its a fact. I have a picture of him on a swing like this in Mexico. The next one had 2 swings in a pink room.


The last swing was decorated with a bunch of whipped cream bottles. Every time I think of whipped cream, I think of the Family Guy episode when Stewie notices that Brian is having pie and then he asks for some “Cool hwhip.” Gets me every time.



At the end of the Museum of Ice Cream was a store where you can buy some cool MOIC merch.

We definitely had a blast at MOIC and I would definitely go again… hrmmm… maybe head down to LA for their exhibit?

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