26 never looked so good! Yesterday we celebrated T’s birthday with his family and best friend at his usual birthday spot, Mission Pizza in Fremont. First of all, their pizza is BOMB. There’s something about the actual pizza dough and crust that just makes it amazing. Their combo is a winner, for sure. Second, they have a great beer selection. Great food with great people 🙂 When we celebrated T’s birthday at home, he was struggling with his one candle, so his mom thought it would be funny to buy him trick candles. That was pretty funny because almost everyone knew of his candle struggle the day before. So when it came to blowing out the candles it was quite entertaining.

Side note: T shaved his beard off (on accident). It’s definitely been a while since I’ve seen him looking so groomed and I told him, “It’s like I have a new boyfriend” haha. He’s just so damn handsome. Like, I am still obsessed with him.

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