Color Factory.

Yesterday we went to Color Factory in SF. Color Factory is a Pop-Up exhibit/ experience that focuses on different colors. I managed to grab a couple of tickets for Color Factory, so it was me, T, his buddies R & J, and then S & S went, too.

We started our day at Golden Gate Tap Room for some beer/drinks before heading to Color Factory since we got into SF kind of early. After a couple of beers and a shot to start our day, we were off to Color Factory.

Our start time was 12:30, but they let us in early. They started off by giving us individual photo cards so that we could register our card with our name and email so that we could use their cameras to take photos. This registration room had a scratch and sniff wall that was color coordinated. At the end of the room, we got marshmallows. One was a two toned marshmallow that was vanilla and strawberry flavored; the other was a mint chocolate chip flavor. When I tried to feed one to T, he accidentally bit me.

After that room, we entered a small black and white room that had someone pouring activated charcoal lemonade from Pressed Juicery.

After this room, we went into the orange room which was filled with a bunch of orange stuff. Nothing spectacular in my opinion.

The next room was the blue room. The room was painted blue and filled with blue balloons.

Right next to the blue room was the disco room, which had a bunch of disco balls hanging from the ceiling. Also, there were some some buttons on the back wall that allowed you to change the song that was playing.

Off to the side, there was a dark room that had huge “Lite Brites” so i played around and tried to make a heart out of some of the lights.

The next room after this was the green room, which was a room with a big green markers and you were able to color in the coloring page walls and green floors. The markers were a bit dried out, but they still made great props to take pictures with.

The next room was fun as it had an assorted array of colorful ribbons hanging from the ceiling. We all made a bunch of boomerangs of us coming out of the ribbon. I think we had too much fun in this room.

The bathrooms inside Color Factory were pretty cute too. The girl’s bathroom was all pinked out.

Next to the bathrooms was a pink staircase that led upstairs to the final rooms.

Once we got upstairs, we went down a nice colorful hallway.

The hallway led to two rooms. The first room to the left was the confetti room. Confetti was being rolled out from the ceiling, and there were a bunch already on the floor.

The room next to the confetti room was the purple “selfie room.” They had a computer set up in which you can take a selfie and the selfie would print out; however, when we were there, the computer wasn’t working, so instead we just played around with the selfies that were already on the floor.

In between the rooms were some benches you could sit in.

The last room in the exhibit was the yellow room, which featured a giant yellow ball pit. We found an end that wasn’t full and that had a camera situated on the ceiling. At the end of the whole exhibit they gave us a vanilla and coffee swirl soft serve. SO GOOD.

I really enjoyed how each room was pretty big, giving you more room for your group. It was also less crowded than the Museum of Ice Cream. I thought that MOIC was cuter and had better props; but I just liked the spacing of this exhibit better.

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