My Pookie Bear. I can’t believe we are approaching 2 weeks since we said our “See You Laters.” Even though I was able to spend your last days close to you, it pains me to know that I couldn’t do much to save you or to take away your pain. I hope you know that I loved and still love you so much. You and Marley meant the world to me and the fact that you both left me so soon just breaks me. Without either of you I feel so alone, even when I’m surrounded by people. I never knew how much I needed either of you until you both left. And now I find myself looking to be saved and neither of you are here to save me. A quick glance at you and the look in your eyes would normally lift me out of my darkness. I don’t think anyone quite understood my relationship with either you or Marley. They didn’t know that I needed you more than you needed me. I know that it’ll take time. I know there are happier days. Things will get better. But it just hurts. I hurt. I miss you both so much and I’d give up so much just to have you in my life… even for one more day.

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