Christmas this year came by fast and within a blink of an eye it was over. To me it didn’t really feel like Christmas. I didn’t have Marley or Pookie. My parents were in the Philippines. My sister was in Vegas. It just didn’t feel like Christmas without my immediate family. Plus, losing Pookie earlier in the week just didn’t feel right. But I am very thankful for T, my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces), and T’s family. They all helped me get through Christmas and I was just surrounded by so much support, love, and happiness.

Christmas Eve started off by us going to Total Wines for some beer. We then drove to In-N-Out to grab a quick lunch before our Christmas festivities. After we ate, T went home to wrap some Christmas gifts while I started my potato dish. I made Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes. They were super easy to make; however, I am not the biggest fan of parmesan. Also, the parmesan scent stayed with my silpat mat, which I’m still pretty upset about. Anyways, when T came back, we decided that after we got ready we were going to exchange gifts. T went first since I gave him one gift at home (the other was at his house – I dropped it off Saturday afternoon so he wouldn’t question it when we went over for Christmas Day). I got him tickets to see Pepper when they’re here… errr.. in Lincoln. Funny thing was that he saw the date in my planner so my surprise was already ruined, but good thing he’s forgetful! When it was time for me, he handed me a huge bag. First thing I opened was a fuzzy cozy blanket! He knows my obsession with blankets. Then I went for a stuffed animal. It was a cute Christmas pug. Then I opened the card and there were two things written in the card: 1. I could choose from the following: an all expenses paid trip to Cabo or Disneyland while staying at the Grand Californian and 2. a dog for whenever I’m ready to get another dog. Honestly, T is the best.

After we exchanged our gifts, we loaded up my car with a ton of gifts and headed out. My family party was held at my cousin’s and it was pretty hectic. We had a ton of people there. We said “Hi” to everyone and found seats at the dinner table. Our family said Grace and then we all went to town on food. Then it was time for some board games! I brought “Double Ditto” and that game was a lot of fun especially having 17 playing. We got pretty loud and kept things pretty PG since the little boys were playing with us. After playing, the kids sort of got restless so it was time for them to open gifts. Now, when we were younger, the cousins opened gifts at midnight. Those were always the rules. No my cousin’s kids get to open gifts at 10. Maybe next year we can get them to open gifts at Midnight… I loved seeing the boys open their gifts that I got them. Especially Bren. I got him a replica WWE Championship Belt so having my cousin send my pictures of him constantly carrying it around means a lot to me.

It started to get late and T and I knew we had an early day the next day so we ended up leaving and heading to his house. Christmas morning we were waken up by Brody and Caedan running down the hallway and T’s father yelling for everyone to wake up. Christmas morning at T’s family is always so nice. His mom does a wonderful job with our stocking stuffers. T got to open is gift: a tabletop beer dispenser. Basically something him (and his father) would both enjoy. After opening gifts, we had a family breakfast with mimosas! Then we left to get ready for Christmas dinner with his grandparents.

We came back bearing a chip dip that we munched on while guzzling egg nog. I watched T play with his brother and nephew inside these inflatable balls. Dinner was delicious as usual. We were so burnt that T and I fell asleep on the couch. We woke up just in time as his grandparents were leaving. After, we took turns playing with Brody’s new VR set for his PS4. There was a shark one that was pretty scary and watching his Mom play was quite funny. She had to stop it midway. We sat around and watched a Christmas movie. After T brought out the shotski and we all took turns taking shots. Finally, we called it a night.

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