Vegas: Day 1.

01.17.18 – Pepper’s 2nd full day with us started with her first poop! She finally pooped right before we took off for our long road trip to Vegas. We left Fremont around 545am. A little behind on schedule, but we were expected to arrive around 3pm. Our first stop was to grab gas and some energy drinks. The drive was foggy until we hit the Mojave desert. We did stop around the Wasco area to fill up on gas, as well as get some breakfast and walk Pepper. I rearranged the back of my car so that Pepper could access her kennel if she didn’t want to sit up in front with T anymore. Our second stop was at a rest area, where Pepper went on a nice walk and received plenty of praise when she finally went pee! Our last stop was at a shell gas station right outside of Primm to buy gas.

We got to my sister’s house in N Las Vegas right before 3pm. We unloaded our car and rested a bit. For an early dinner, we went to get some Raising Cane’s since it’s down the street from her home. Pepper was so pooped she knocked out fairly quickly, but that didnt stop her from waking me up at 4am causing mayhem and jumping off the couch.

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