Vegas: Day 2.

01.18.18 – T has only been to Vegas once before in his life. He was there for like a day so all he did was walk the Strip, went to Fremont street, and gambled a bit. So, I thought I could bring him for a little bit. Our day started off at The Bellagio. We went in to check out the garden since the Lunar New Year just started and it is the year of the Dog. After, we walked to Cosmo to grab pizza at the “Secret Pizza” spot. Pizza totally hit the spot! Also, we couldn’t drink on an empty stomach. After pizza, we walked to Fat Tuesday to get T’s first ever Fat Tuesday drink! We hung out at the casino for a bit and tried our luck with roulette and penny slots. That didn’t work well, so off again down the strip. We found our way to The Cromwell, where we found an empty craps machine, so we put some money in and I thought T the basics of craps. He ended up winning, so we grabbed a drink and made our way to Caesar’s Palace. After, we went back to The Bellagio and found a roulette machine. As soon as 17 hit, we both cashed out and bounced. For dinner, T, Jeff, and I had Oyster Bar, which was still really yummy! Their pan roast is THE ONE! After dinner, we played more craps and won some more! Then headed home for beers and movies. Overall, it was a pretty chill day!

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