Vegas: Day 3.

01.19.18 – That morning, I rolled out of bed (actually, I rolled off the couch since we’ve been sleeping on my sister’s couch while we were in Vegas) and got the harness on the pupperoo and headed to the airport to pick up my sister as she was flying in from LA. Pepper definitely needs to get used to being in the car, especially when it’s just her and the driver. She was trying to stand on my lap while giving me kisses and when she was on the passenger seat she would cry. Anyways, we picked up my sister and headed to PetCo to buy Pepper a new toy. We ended up getting her a new Star Wars Dark Side collar and a Boba Fett plush toy.

When we got home, the boys had already left to go to the shooting range, so my sister and I ended up taking naps with our pups. When the boys got back, we got ready and made our way to Shake Shack in Summerlin. T and I ordered 2 burgers each, fries, a shake, root beer, and a Pooch-ini (vanilla custard, peanut butter sauce, and dog biscuits) for Pepper. I was definitely not as hungry as I thought I was originally. I ate my ‘Shroom Burger, but only half of the Shake Stack. I blame it on all that cheese that’s with the mushroom.

After getting back, we were all in a food coma, so we chilled and watched TV and napped until we had to start getting ready for our evening… the wedding!

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