Vegas: Day 4 – Red Rock Canyon.

01.20.18 – Surprisingly, I’ve never been to Red Rock Canyon until this recent trip to Vegas and I’m glad we were able to check it out! My sister lives about 20 minutes from it, so it was a super easy drive to get to it. When we left her neck of the woods, it was a bit chilly, but the sun was out. As soon as we hit the Red Rock area, the weather was cloudy and freezing! When we were entering the conservation park, it started to hail and then SNOW!
The entrance fee to the place was $7.00 per car. I believe it was $3.00 if you were on a bike, motorcycle, or on foot. We went straight to the 13-mile scenic drive. The views were amazing. I wish we came on a sunny day so that we could really see the vibrant colors, but the overcast weather was still nice. The weather was REALLY COLD that we would hop out of the car to explore a bit and then head back inside the warm car. Definitely would recommend this to anyone that’s in Vegas. We will come back when the weather is nicer and when the pup is more confident on a leash.

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