My cousin is getting MARRIED! Her boyfriend proposed to her on Thanksgiving 2017 and they decided to get married before their 11 year anniversary. We threw her a Bridal Shower brunch at our cousin’s house. We went for a boho floral theme with accents of gold/rose gold and prisms. We got flowers and eucalyptus leaves at the SF Flower Mart. All the other decorations for the dessert table belonged to my cousin’s soon-to-be-in-laws as they frequently do dessert tables… and the dessert table turned out amazing!

flourish desserts did a great job! The cake was actually the wedding cake, but my cousin’s baker accidentally made the cake a week early, so we were fortunate to have it part of her bridal shower instead (and the cake was AMAZING!). I need to get the name of the baker because she did a GREAT job. The cake was moist and the flavor was awesome.

We played a couple of games, which I’ll do a separate post on with the games for anyone who needs inspiration for Bridal Shower games. The games were all super easy and simple. I bought the rose gold frame and terrarium on amazon. For the game prizes, we had Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles and bath bombs.


Inside the house we did a mimosa bar with an assortment of juices,  champagnes/bubblies and fresh berries.

Overall, we had a great time showering the bride-to-be.

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