Tuts Cafe and Bakery.

Tuts Cafe and Bakery is down the street from my office. I’ve stopped by once for coffee and a pastry when they first opened up. From memory, I remembered that I thoroughly enjoyed their almond croissant, so for lunch I decided to stop by. Of course, I stalked their Yelp to see what other people were saying about their food options. Many people were raving about their Crunchy Halloumi Salad, so I opted that for lunch.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the salad so I have nothing to really present to you. But, the salad’s base was spinach, thinly sliced radish, melon, parsley, mint, raisins, and sesame. The salad was topped with halloumi that was grilled on a flat top.

Maybe I went into it with high expectations because all I read was praise for this salad, but I was slightly disappointed. The halloumi wasn’t as “crunchy” and was a bit tough to cut through. The dressing on the salad had a tart flavor to it. Personally, this salad was not for me. However, I’m still diggin’ the almond croissant!

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