11 Years in the Making.

My cousin is MARRIED! My cousin and her new hubby have been together now for 11 years. They got engaged during Thanksgiving last year and decided to get married for their 11th anniversary. They’re saving up for a big wedding in Hawaii in a couple of years, so they had a nice intimate ceremony in San Francisco’s City Hall and reception dinner to follow at Sole Ristorante Italiano.

San Francisco’s City Hall is beautiful. Last time I was there was for Newark Memorial High School’s 2006 Senior Ball (I went with my friend, Billy). The interior of the building is so nice. The staircase is just grand. It was a beautiful setting for such an intimate moment.

After the ceremony, we made our way to San Mateo to the restaurant. I’ve included my cousin’s menu for the evening, as it describes what was each dish we were served. Here were my favorite dishes of the evening:

  • Bruschetta – we were served an assortment of 3 kinds of bruschetta: tomato; eggplant and caramelized onion; and yellow bell peppers. My favorite was the tomato. Such fresh flavors. The eggplant and bell peppers had fuller flavor.
  • Burrata – Probably the BEST burrata I’ve ever had. The burrata was so rich and creamy and soft. Paired with the prosciutto, it was heavenly.
  • Pappardelle Al Tartufo – on their regular menu, usually the truffle sauce is paired with the gnocchi. I don’t care what they paired with that truffle sauce because that sauce… DELICIOUS. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I ended up dipping my bread into it and scrapping the serving plate clean. The Pappardelle (flat noodle pasta) was soft, but still had a nice bounce. It held onto the sauce wonderfully!
  • Sedanini con Salsiccia – this pasta dish was so good, too! I love a good creamy tomato sauce! The pasta was cooked perfectly.

Overall, this place was delicious. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE ACROSS THE BRIDGE AND SO FAR AWAY FROM ME?? I would definitely recommend and I will be back because that truffle sauce is calling my name. And, let me add that the restaurant has a nice patio out in the front, so I’ll be bringing Pepper!

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