Fremont Afghan Kabob.

Since we had time before our 7pm viewing of Black Panther and all we had to eat that day was our sandwiches during our hike, we decided to grab some dinner. Since Fremont Afghan Kabob was across the freeway from AMC 12, we decided to go in and have dinner.

First off, the parking there is horrible. The parking lot is small. There are not as many spots and the lanes are pretty narrow that it’s easy to cause a traffic jam. We got in around 5pm, so the restaurant was not super busy and we were seated right away. We chose a “traditional” table. There was a section to the left that had floor seating, which we thought was neat, but sometimes it’s a bit hard for us to get comfortable. Next time!

We ordered:

  • Mantoo Appetizer – this dish is an Afghan style pot stickers filled with seasoned ground beef topped with ground beef, tomato sauce, and yogurt. So good! The dumpling skin/wrapper was very delicate. Not chewy or tough. It was quite thin, but strong enough to hold the dumpling shape. I wish it had more yogurt on top!
  • Combination Kabob: Lamb Kabob and Chapli Kabob – The lamb kabobs were boneless pieces of lamb that has been seasoned. Chapli Kabob is ground beef mixed with green onions and spices. The 2 kabobs were served with rice. Between the two, I enjoyed the Chapli Kabob more. It had more flavor and a nice hint of spice. The lamb had good flavor, too, and was tender. Next time, I’d stick to the Chapli.
  • Doogh – As a drink, I decided to get this Traditional Afghan yogurt drink that is mixed with shredded cucumbers and dry mint. T said it reminded him of a creamy pickle juice. It wasn’t as refreshing as I thought it would be, and drinking it with a straw was a bit hard since the shredded cucumber would get stuck. I won’t be ordering this again.

Overall, I enjoyed my time here and I would come back!

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