Little Yosemite.

President’s Day was a nice chilly, but sunny day. We decided to go on a hike and tire out little Miss Pepper. We originally had Mission Peak on our agenda, but when we got there (a little before 11am) the parking area and surrounding streets were PACKED, so we decided to go to Sunol Regional Wilderness Area and check our Little Yosemite.

Since it was a holiday, we did not have to pay an entrance fee. The parking lot was not as full, but there was a good amount of people and their furry friends in the area. Pepper was enjoying every minute of it because there was a lot of new things to sniff. We made our way up the trail and down to our “favorite” spot. I call it our “favorite” spot because we always find our way to this area. There’s a nice little creek that we would skip rocks whenever we go. Pepper did not like walking down to the water. In fact, she was terrified, so I carried her down. When she got down to the water, she was unsure whether to touch the water or not, eventually she was prancing in the cold water like it was nothing.

Near our “favorite” spot, there was a stretch of grass, where we decided to sit and eat the sandwiches I prepared. The sandwiches were delish but so messy. It didn’t help that they were smashed in the backpack from the water bottle. I made BLTTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, turkey, and avocado sammies on Dave’s Killer White Bread). Sooooo GOOD.

After our mini picnic, we made our way further down the trail, until we hit the sign that warned us of snakes. So we turned around and made our way back. At first, Pepper was on the hunt for a nice sized stick. She was happy when she finally found one and then quickly lost interest because she found a rock instead.

On our way home, she sat in the back with the windows partially rolled down. Honestly, she hates being in the car. We suspect she gets car sick.

And finally when we got home this little girl KOed. She was so exhausted. Yes, she curls up with T. Yes, I get jealous that she seems to favor him over me. I like to think of it as T is the cool parent and I am more strict. Nonetheless, we had an amazing family outing. Until next time!

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