Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe.

I came across Nature’s while, you guessed it, browsing through Yelp. I needed a way to convince T to come with me because Avocado Toast doesn’t really appeal to him. After grabbing sushi with my sister, I was craving something sweet, and what better way to fulfill that craving than with ICE CREAM!

We found Nature’s at the corner of Nile’s and I St.

Fun Fact: Niles is a special little spot for T and I. It was where we had our first date (and kiss). So we like to find ways to go there, especially since its like a mile away from home.

Anyways, we parked in the parking lot across the street and made our way over. Once inside, we were greeted by a man behind the ice cream freezer eagerly asking if we would like to sample any flavors. I sampled the Honey Lavender ice cream and OH MY GOODNESS, it was delicious. They even had an Organic Vegan version, so I decided to get that instead of the regular. The Organic Vegan version was not as creamy (obviously) but it did not lack in flavor and it did not disappoint! I will be back for more!

I also ordered the affogato with the espresso ice cream. So rich in flavor. It was really a coffee explosion and I was in love. My whole experience from start to finish at Nature’s was great and I will be back to try more flavors, the sandwiches, and coffees! Also, they have some seating outside, which would be PERFECT when the weather is nice and warm… especially when I can take Pepper!

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