I won’t say that I am not a camping person because to be quite honest, I’ve never been camping. 6th grade science camp and all those retreats I’ve done in the middle of no where do not count as camping. I’ve never slept in a sleeping bag in a tent before (however, I’ve slept in a sleeping bag on a sidewalk by San Diego’s waterfront multiple times and that, too, does not count). I’m talking about in the woods, putting up a tent, establishing your fire, find a secluded area and dig a hole to poop kind of camping. Frankly, that really doesn’t sound appealing to me. OK, I lied. I would LOVE to go camping one of these days, BUT I’d like to have access to a toilet. Am I asking for too much? Since the “we’re still talking and getting to know each other” phase in our relationship, T mentioned taking me camping. Well, buddy, it’s been well over a year since you said that and we’ve yet to camp. To ease my way into camping, I decided that we should go GLAMPING. We were planning on going glamping for our anniversary, but due to scheduling, that was not possible. So now, we’re going for my birthday!

What is glamping exactly? Well according to the Glamping website:

Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.

Sometime last year, I came across Autocamp Russian River looking for wedding venues on Pinterest. I’m not sure how they came up, but I clicked on several photos, and since then I’ve been determined to check them out! Since getting Pepper, we’ve been trying to find more dog-friendly activities to do, as well as desensitized her to all the craziness around her (she’s quite the skittish dog).

Fun Fact: My goal with Pepper is to not only register her as my Emotional Support Animal, but I would love to have her trained to be a Therapy Animal. She is so loving and she senses when I’m not feeling like myself, that I think she would be great with other people.

Back to glamping… We finally decided to book Autocamp and now we’re set to go in April! Nestled in Sonoma County, Autocamp is surrounded by the majestic redwoods and near the Russian River. It’s a modern retreat that screams luxury, yet you’re still one with nature. Autocamp offers, Airstreamers, Tents,  ADA Suites, and a Happy Camper. We decided to book one of their Premium Airstreamer Suite.

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*Please note that all images in the slideshow above were taken from Autocamp Russian River‘s website

The Airstream Suite comes with a queen-sized bed with a Casper matress. There is a flat screen TV. The mini kitchen includes a mini fridge, microwave, basic cooking utensils (BBQ tools and cast iron skillet), French press, electric kettle, and drinkware. There is a full bathroom with a walk-in shower. In the sitting space, the couch converts to a full size bed. Each unit comes with a fire pit (which includes a grilling grate) and deck. When booking an airstream, you are able to choose between a standard and a premium airstream. The only difference between the two is location. The Premium Airstreams are located along a creek bed, which is towards the outskirts of the property. We opted for the Premium Airstream hoping that the creek will have water in April so we can listen to the water flow by. Plus, you have a bit more privacy.

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*Please note that all images in the slideshow above were taken from Autocamp Russian River‘s website

The Autocamp Russian River property also offers a clubhouse where you can hangout and play some boardgames that they have. Or you can shop food, drinks, and other essentials. There are indoor and outdoor firepits. Overall, from all the pictures I’ve seen and the reviews I read, I know that I’ll be enjoying my birthday. Now I need to plan out the food we’re going to bring and activities we’re going to do! Can’t wait!

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