Pepper Update.

Pepper is nearing 6.5-7 months old (we think). When we adopted her on January 15th, the rescue had her at about 5 months old. She’s constantly growing and she has such a personality. So here are her highlights:


  • Weight: 31.8 lbs
  • Neck: 14″
  • Chest: 22″
  • Ears to Base of tail: 25″
  • Chest to floor: 15″
  • Shoulders to floor: 19″
  • Top of Head to floor (standing): 25″


  • Sit
  • Shake
  • Lay Down
  • Jump into the car (SUV) on her own
  • Jump onto the bed
  • Can sleep 7 hours throughout the night

This little bugger makes this little yelping noise to get your attention. She’s either letting you know she wants to go out… or she wants attention. Think of it as a yawn/ stretching noise. It’s super cute… but then when she becomes impatient, the tone changes from high pitched to deep and it is just not a cute sound coming from a pretty pup.

If she does need to go out, she walks to the front door. Maybe I should get her a bell to ring? She absolutely hates the wind. She doesn’t like going out at night because there’s too many sounds and she can’t really determine what it is. So, in order for her to have a successful night outing, nothing can be going on outside. She’s not a fan of car rides, but if she is in a car she must have the window down just so she can smell the air and look outside. She’s still awkward around other dogs, but still loves people.

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