Mexican Train.


After we came back from our family vacation in Cancun last year, we had family dinner every Sunday. That ended around the holidays, and T brought it up to his family that we should probably bring it up again. This past Sunday, we got together at his parents’ home and had chips and dip and burritos. It was very low-key, but still a great time. After dinner, they brought out Mexican Train, which is a dominoes game. This was a nice change since we usually part ways after dinner or if we do play a game it is Scattergories.

I’ve never played Mexican Train (or Mexican Domino Train) before and it has been a while since everyone else played, so we busted out the iPad and watched a YouTube video. The rules are kind of long and complicated (at first) so here are the rules! Once we understood the concept and rules, we played!

It was 13 rounds of pure competitiveness fun. One of the rounds I completely bombed (I scored 108). But towards the end I developed a better strategy and ended up winning!

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