Pepper Gets a Mani Pedi.

Little Miss Pepper was sounding like a tap dancer on the hardwood floors so we knew it was time to get her nails clipped. Being that her nails are black, I did not want to risk it and cut them on my own, so we decided to go to Pet Food Express on Sunday since VIP PetCare was there (they’re there every Sunday from 10am – 1130am).

VIP PetCare is a community veterinary pet clinic that provides affordable and accessible care for pets. The Fremont location even offers nail trimming for $21. We showed up to Pet Food Express at 10:15am on Sunday. There was a line of about 10 dogs in front of me so Pepper and I patiently waited. We were then greeted by Heather, who took Pepper and I’s information. We probably waited a total of 40 minutes until it was her turn for her mani and pedi.

Let’s say Pepper did not fully enjoy getting her nails done. 2 of the vet techs were assisting with holding her down while one groomed her nails with the electric file. The nail trim probably lasted 10 minutes. It took a while to get Pepper in a position where she wasn’t resisting, as much. Once she was on her side and I was petting her it was smooth sailing. Pepper received a ton of love (and TREATS!) from everyone from VIP PetCare before, during, and after her visit. I would definitely recommend!

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