Ramen Shu.

After my Geek Squad appointment for my camera, T and I decided to grab some lunch. We opted for ramen and decided to go with a play we both have never been before: Ramen Shu.

Ramen Shu is located in Union City in the same plaza as Marina Food near James Logan High School. Just a heads up, parking here sucks. As soon as we opened the menu, we both opted for the Ramen Value Meal Set where we choose a ramen and an accompanied dish. I picked the Kuro Tonkatsu Ramen ($11.50) and Curry Rice ($4.50) set and T picked the Dragon Ramen ($11.50) and Curry Rice ($4.50) set.

  • Kuro Tonkatsu Ramen – A tonkatsu (pork) soup base with black garlic oil, wood ear mushroom, bamboo shoots, chashu (pork belly), a soft boiled egg, and green onion. First of all, this broth was AMAZING. It had a thicker consistency than what I am used to, but it was packed with so much flavor! The pork was tender and soft boiled egg was cooked perfectly. I added dried/fried garlic pieces, which were in a container on the table. The noodles were still bouncy and clung onto the broth. Would definitely recommend!
  • Dragon Ramen (spicy level 2) – A  mixture of tonkatsu (pork) and chili pepper soup base with chili paste, wood ear mushroom, bamboo shoots, chashu (pork belly), a soft boiled egg, and green onion. Same as the Kuro Tonkatsu, this ramen had a thicker broth that was full of flavor. It had a nice spicy flavor that provided a kick that was not overpowering. I enjoyed how the chili flavor enhanced the tonkatsu broth.
  • Curry Rice – I assumed that the curry rice portion of the value set was going to contain pork, but it did not. It was simply Japanese curry on top of a bowl of rice. The curry made me miss CoCoCurry in Japan. I could’ve had another bowl of this. However, I did not think it was worth the $4.50 they charged.

T and I both enjoyed our lunch at Ramen Shu and right now it’s our favorite ramen spot in the Tri-City/ East Bay area. We will be back!

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