Pacific PourHouse – Union City.

While watching Selena’s IG Story, I saw that she was at Pacific PourHouse in Union City. This place reminded me of Pour Taproom in Santa Cruz. We decided to check it out around noon on Sunday. This place took over the old Pasta Pomodoro in Union Landing. It’s nice to have something like this so close to home! We walked in and I loved how it was so cutely decorated. I am very into brick walls and wood paneling. So to see that this place had both, extra kudos! The place had about 24 different beers in which you pour yourself. Using a similar system to Pour Taproom’s, each person is given a bracelet that monitors the amount you pour. Every 32oz, you would need to “refresh” your bracelet with the host (this is so they can monitor the amount you consumed and deem that you are not too intoxicated). You simply walk up to the tap and place your bracelet to the designated sensor. When the light turns green, you are able to pour your beer. What’s different from Pacific to Pour was that at Pacific you would select the amount of beer you’d like the tap to dispense, where as Pacific, you pour how much you want to pour, which meant you go through your 32oz faster. Off the bat we noticed majority of their 24 beers were IPAs. There was one cider (Angry Orchard) and 2 stouts. Also, most of their beers could be found at your pub, bars, and restaurants. So, I think they could really improve their beer selections. For one, I enjoy stouts and imperial IPAs, so more of selection would be nice. Also, they did not have a water spout (unlike Pour Taproom) which would be nice to clean your beer glass, so they recommend just getting a new glass each time you come up.

We looked at the food menu and decided to grab garlic fries to munch on while sipping on our beer. The garlic fries came out to $7.00 and came with some ketchup. The fries reminded me of McDonalds fries but better; however, was it worth the $7? No. Not at all.

The menu also consisted of fries, sliders, kebabs, and stuffed mushrooms. Now, for a beer, place, I think their menu can use some tweaking. Fries and sliders work well with beer. Maybe some chicken wings or strips? Fish and chips? Tator tots? Chips and dip? Pretzel bites? Queso? Beer cheese? I don’t really think kebabs when I have a beer. But that’s my two-cents.

I’ll definitely be back to check out the beer rotation and hopefully I’ll see Mother Earth Bew Co’s Cali Creamin and Altamont Brew Work’s Nutty Operator!

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