Camp BC.

While looking for a hotel to stay up in Tahoe last year, I came across Basecamp Hotel and I thought it was super cute, so I started following them on social media. That’s when I found out about Camp BC.


According to their website, they described Camp BC as:

We’ve got a lake (this one’s certified prehistoric). And some pretty fine bunks. But this time around, we’re flipping the script on summer camp with our Camp BC: The South Lake Tahoe Winter Edition. Join us for four days of snow play, group games, craft time, and boozy Kumbaya-filled moments at our fire pit – craft beers and s’mores included! For activity options, we’ve got snow shoe treks, fat tire bike tours, stargazing expeditions, ski runs, and conservation-minded nature walks along Lake Tahoe’s shores. Our beer garden and on-site brewery take the place of your standard mess hall (join the craft beer-brewing workshop for a little behind-the-scenes action), and we’ve even got bingo and sing-alongs. Oh, and friendship bracelets…we’re making those, too (in a vintage Airstream, no less)! Join activities and collect merit badges. Be a good little camper and earn 15 merit badges at our Camps this year, and we’ll reward you with a free stay at any Basecamp Hotel!*

From sledding trips to yoga classes, communal fondue dinners, barbecue gatherings, happy camper hours, and more, build your perfect Camp BC week-end by clicking the link below. Bring a few friends along, or plan on making new ones while there. Whatever way you do it, this is sure to be one epic new experience destined for the memory books.

I mean, HOW EXCITING does that sound? One of my fondest “camp” memories was Science Camp in the 6th grade. One of the activities we had to do was the Night Walk. The Night Walk was when you and your Nature Group take a small hike in the middle of the woods at night and at one point, one person at a time goes on a walk all alone several feet until you meet your group/ group leader. Now, I was completely terrified. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, but having the crazy imagination that I have, I thought I was going to be the unlucky one and get snatched up by a bear or something. Anyways, I cried. Some of the girls in my Nature Group had me hug it out. After being the dramatic queen that I was, I did the Night Walk and was completely fine. I knew I over reacted, but oh well. During this night hike, I remember looking up at the stars and thinking “I’ve never seen so many stars in my life” and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

So when I saw that Camp BC was doing a contest where one lucky follower who entered could win a Camp BC experience, I was all for it! I submitted my entry (which included part of my story above) and hoped for the best.


Well, LOOK WHO WON !!! So I get to enjoy Camp BC at South Lake Tahoe with one of my besties, S !! We’re all signed up for Happy Hour, S’Mores, Breakfast, Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Communal Dinners, Camp Bingo, Beer Tasting, Snowshoe adventures, and MORE !! And it’s going to be snowing in Tahoe! I CAN’T WAIT AND I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!

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