Camp BC – Day 1.

Driving up to Tahoe on Friday from the East Bay was a nightmare! What is usually a 4.5 hour drive turned to 11 hours (we left Union city at 1pm) ! It took over 7 hours to move 32 miles, and majority of that we were idling on the side of the road with no reception waiting to inch forward. Also, the snow was coming down so bad that it was very difficult to see. However, being less than 32 miles away there was no way we were going to turn around… and we are so happy we didn’t because WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Camp BC and the people of Basecamp Hotels made it such a memorable weekend!

When we checked in, we missed s’mores, so the front desk gave us our own S’mores Kit and let us know that the fire pits down by the brewery were going to stay on throughout the night. She gave us our cool Camp BC swag bags, our room keys, property map, and we were off to our 2 full beds room.

Our Camp BC “swag bag” was a Nylon backpack with the Camp BC logo, a mug, smores, trail mix, a drink token, patch, journal, guide, and our Merit Badge tracker. Throughout Camp BC, we had the opportunity to join activities and collect up to 6 Merit Badges – Craft Beer, Arts & Crafts, Philanthropy, Wellness, Adventure, S’mores. If we collect 15 merit badges throughout the year, we can get a free 2 night stay at any of the Basecamp Hotels!

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