South Lake Tahoe.


We had yoga scheduled at 8am Saturday morning as our first Camp BC activity. Unfortunately, we slept in considering it took us 11 hours to get in and we didn’t get quite settled into our room until around midnight. A little bummed we missed yoga; but I enjoyed staying in bed for a little while longer and enjoying this view of the mountain from my bed.


After breakfast and before our next activity, we decided to look for public access to the lake. With all the heavy snowfall that occurred the day/night before, we wanted to see the blanket of snow that covered the streets and trees and buildings. The ladies at the front desk pointed us to Lakeside Beach and Lakeview Commons. Since Lakeside Beach was a short drive the street from our hotel, that was our first stop. We found a gate for public access along Lakeshore Blvd between Lakeside Beach House and the archway used for Lakeside weddings. We parked along the street as all the usual parking spots were covered in 2 feet of snow. The snow was perfect and soft and glittered in the sunlight. After, we went down Lake Tahoe Blvd and turned onto Lakeview Ave to get to Lakeview Commons. The stairs and beach was also covered in snow and people were trying to make a ramp to sled down.

While on our adventure, we came across a couple of empty streets that we thought were photo worthy so we hopped out of the car and took some photos.

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