Sprouts Cafe.

Due to some dietary restrictions, S couldn’t eat meat this weekend. We came across Sprouts Cafe on Yelp and while leaving Lakeview Commons. Let’s just say, we enjoyed our sandwiches so much, we came back the next day. Over the course of the weekend, I was able to try two sandwiches:

  • Massive Avocado & Cream Cheese ($8.75): The sandwich consisted of grated red cabbage and carrots, tomato, red onion, sprouts, avocado, cream cheese, and homemade honey mustard dressing on whole wheat bread. YUM YUM YUM !! This sandwich was delicious. It provided a great refreshing crunch and the honey mustard and cream cheese were tasty!
  • Egg Salad Monster ($8.95): This had grated red cabbage and carrots, tomato, red onion, sprouts, avocado, homemade honey mustard dressing, and free-range egg salad made with non-fat yogurt on whole wheat bread. Just as tasty as the Massive Avocado! The egg salad was delicious!

Basically both sandwiches had a base of the “Vegetable Crunch” sandwich with some additions to change it up a bit. The sandwiches were great and full of flavor. Super refreshing! I wish I had Sprouts closer to me, but I guess it’ll just be my Go-To spot every time I am in South Lake Tahoe!

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