Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

One of the activities offered at Camp BC was good ol’ Arts & Crafts! Personally, I like doing Arts & Crafts projects. It’s fun being able to use your imagination using some materials to make something creative! For our first Arts & Crafts project we made Shibori Dyed Bandannas and Friendship Bracelets.

Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric. Apparently, we decided to do the Kanoko method, which involves binding sections of cloth and securing with thread to achieve the desired pattern, which in our case, we used rubber bands. After putting together our designs, we gave them to Jess (who was like our “Camp Counselor” for the weekend) to add to the Shibori Dye. What was pretty neat was when she first dunk our bandannas into the dye, they were a green color. However, as oxygen hit the dye, it turned into a pretty blue.

After making our bandannas, we attempted friendship bracelets! There were instructions on how to make bracelets, but I used to make friendship bracelets a lot (I have a box at home full of the Embroidery Floss) so I didn’t have to follow instructions. Of course, my first bracelet turned out really sloppy and I didn’t cut the strings long enough, so I decided that the bracelet would be for Pepper. I, then, made a second matching bracelet for myself! When I told T that I made bracelets for Pepper and I, he got a bit jealous, so I made him one the following day.

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